SMART CITIES (2018-2020)

Home Automation & Health Promotion

IoT and AI solutions to customize home automation to foster cognitive skills (attention, concentration) and positive mindset at home and in the workplace .

Active and healthy longevity is the main output of this solutions focused on cognition and mood. The living environments of the near future must be at the service of the health and well-being of the people who live and work there.

In cooperation with GEWISS, HFI has developed a platform which, based on wearable sensors (Garmin, Fitbit), adapts the light in the living and working environment to the person, promoting cognitive activation and positively stimulating the mood. The platform developed uses IoT technologies integrated with home automation and AI for the automatic detection of emotional cognitive activation.


Resilient Organization Index

The "wellness" of organisations depends on human capital (people and their experience and skills) and organisational capital (how work is organised).

The productivity and health/safety of workers is strongly correlated positively with the Resilient Organization Index.

The digitalized solution developed allows to calculate the precise value of the Resilient Organization Index in detail for all large, multinational and national, and medium-sized companies by breaking it down into individual organizational units.

The Resilient Organization Index allows to have a clear and precise indication of organizational improvement actions: what, how much and where to intervene to improve productivity and reduce costs and negative effects due to illness and accidents. The Resilient Organization Index makes it possible to comply with legislation on health and safety at work.


Cognitive Resilience Index

From the age of forty, people's brains begin the phase of natural cognitive decline. The speed of this decline is personal and depends on several factors: cognitive brain stimulation, lifestyle (diet and physical activity), dietary supplements and drug use.

Today, primary prevention of cognitive decline is possible thanks to the possibility of being able to screen the risk of cognitive decline / cognitive resilience index in a simple, automatic and very low cost way.

The "AICOG" solution that allows to detect the Cognitive Resilience Index value is based on the analysis of routine blood markers through artificial intelligence algorithms based on deep learning. AICOG is scientifically forged and was developed in collaboration with the University of Tokyo in Japan.

Thanks to AICOG, with a regular annual screening from the age of forty, it will be possible to personalise primary prevention interventions on the healthy general population.