Human Factors Sustainability Innovation

The promotion of health and wellbeing in people and organisations is our core business.


The solutions are designed to offer the maximum integration with other services to create smart ecosystems.

Health and well-being

Health and well-being in everyday life and in organizations is one of the main assets of HFI.

Scientific Research

The continuous exchange between scientific research and practice is the basis of our solutions.

Effectiveness and efficiency

Continuous monitoring and measurement of effects is the engine to achieve effectiveness and efficiency.

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HumanFactor & Innovation

HFi is a company with an international profile (Japan, USA, UK, Nederland) that was founded within the field of application and research of advanced technologies applied to the promotion of well-being and psychological care in people and organizations
Innovation: the continuous research of innovative solutions with high technological impact that allow to personalize services and to intervene promptly through prediction is one of our main features
We develop software, platforms, web and mobile apps, artificial intelligence algorithms (AI) and intelligent home automation systems based on internet-of-things (IoT) technologies in the health, psychological and behavioural fields starting from a consolidated experience in the field of psychology for health and well-being
We are world leaders in the scientific field of clinical psychology and health and technology in the psychological field
Our main areas of intervention are Healthcare, Health Insurance, Primary prevention and Organisational performance and health-safety

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Our Unique Latest Projects

SMART CITIES (2018-2020)

Home Automation & Health Promotion

IoT and AI solutions to customize home automation to foster cognitive KPI (attention, concentration) and positive mindset at home and in the workplace.

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Resilient Organization Index

Digitized organizational analysis for risk assessment in health & safety filed and for the promotion of resilience.

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Cognitive Resilience Index

Evaluate in a simple, automatic and economic way, every year the cognitive resilience index through artificial intelligence (AI). In collaboration with the University of Tokyo, Japan.

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